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Seven suspects indicted in Texas for their roles in nation-wide drug conspiracy

October 7, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Seven suspects indicted in Texas for their roles in nation-wide drug conspiracy

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Multiple suspects in Texas have been indicted after they were arrested for their roles in a massive drug conspiracy that spanned the entire U.S.

The Justice Department along with the Smith County District Attorney’s Office reported that the following were indicted for their roles in the drug conspiracy:

Manuel Zuniga, 20
Josue Talavera, 29
Juan Ibarra, 34
Cristian Cervantes, 20
Jesus Medina, Jr., 34
Cesar Lopez, 30
Benjamin Castellanos, 22

The indictments were filed on September 28th.

The arrest warrants revealed that in 2016, Tyler Police notified the Department of Public Safety that Lopez was selling large amounts of marijuana out of a trailer.

The drugs were being sent to him from California.

DPS started investigating and found out that almost 65 pounds of marijuana had been shipping in the mail from California to the individuals residing in the trailer, according to East Texas Matters.

Police made the first felony possession and distribution arrests in April 2016.

Inspection of texts showed the suspects were also getting shipments of marijuana and Xanax to the trailer.

The men are accused of distributing the drugs and depositing the cash into accounts at Chase Bank and Bank of America branches in Tyler. DPS worked with the bank to collect photo documentation of these encounters.

Several of men were observed at a Bank of America where they were taking money out of backpacks and depositing over $8,000 at one time.

That cash was then taken out through electronic transfers and sent to accounts in California.

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