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Authorities arrest Sinaloa Cartel cell following shootout in Mexican border state

October 9, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities arrest Sinaloa Cartel cell following shootout in Mexican border state

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Police in the Mexican border state of Coahuila arrested a Sinaloa Cartel cell following a shootout. The crew of six gunmen led a street-level distribution network of cocaine, weed, and other drugs.

The apprehension of the cell was part of a string of intelligence based operations with assistance from Mexican federal authorities, the military, and local police from Torreon.

Torreon is located in the southwestern part of the state that and is next to the state of Durango, a Sinaloa Cartel stronghold.

Coahuila state authorities arrested a Sinaloa Cartel cell following a gun battle.

Cartel operatives use the region as a springboard to get their drugs to the northern portion of the state that shares its border with Texas.

The intelligence collected led officials to a residence in the Vicente Guerrero area where Sinaloa Cartel members opened fire on the arriving officers, Breitbart Texas reported.

In response to the gunfire, state police fired back wounding one of the gunmen before they surrendered.

Authorities took Adolfo (n), Jose (N), and David (N) into custody and seized some handguns.

The men had 43 small bags of cocaine, 115 small bags of crystal methamphetamine, and 91 small bags of marijuana.

The men had 43 bags of cocaine, 115 bags of crystal meth, and 91 bags of marijuana. Some of the bags were labeled with the word: “Sinaloa.”

Oman (N), another suspect arrested, was found with a roll of cash, 85 baggies of crystal meth, and 37 baggies of marijuana.

Soon after, police arrested two other Sinaloa Cartel gunmen. Authorities identified the gunmen as Omar and Juan who were not smuggling drugs but had been extorting local business owners. The gunmen had been issuing violent threats to demand large amounts of cash.

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