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Drug cartels once again turn Mexican border city of Reynosa into a war zone: Images

October 13, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Drug cartels once again turn Mexican border city of Reynosa into a war zone: Images

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Cartel-related violence on the border once again transformed the Mexican city of Reynosa into a war zone.

The Secretary of the Tamaulipas Coordination Group said via Twitter that armed cartel operatives brought traffic to a standstill by laying road spikes across major roadways and setting up narco-blockades throughout the city on Thursday morning.

Cartel gunmen set vehicles ablaze to block the entry and return lanes of the Anzalduas International Bridge connecting Reynosa to the city of McAllen, Texas, local media outlets and citizen journalists reported.

Officials said additional blockades were formed on the Mexican Federal Highway 40.

The Agency responsible for security in Tamaulipas first issued risk alerts after reports of detonations in the Colonia Pedro J. Méndez were received shortly before midnight Wednesday, which prompted increased patrols by federal and state authorities.

The alert was withdrawn only to be reactivated around 7:50 a.m. following reports of detonations and gunfire on the road leading to the border crossing, Excelsior reported.

Cartel violence in Reynosa again erupted on Thursday

Armed gunmen established blockades throughout the city

Cartel operatives blocked both lanes of the Anzalduas International Bridge 

According to AnimalPolitico, the narco-blockades were followed by numerous gun battles between heavily armed rival factions of the Gulf Cartel prompting a rapid military mobilization to quell the violence and remove the vehicles blocking the entrance to the Bridge.

Officials said a gunbattle occurred near the Villa Florida area of Reynosa, which is located near the international bridge

Residents reported another blockade near the village of Argüelles, where armed groups sustained a prolonged confrontation, which according to witnesses left several people dead.

Shootouts were reported throughout the city early Thursday morning

Cartel gunmen also laid out road spikes across major roadways

Gunbattles were also reported west of the city.

The intense shootouts and blockades set up by the international bridge erupted during rush hour, just as managers and staff employees of the Maquila manufacturing plants who reside in McAllen and Texas South Valley arrived for work.

Reynosa remains ground zero for a brutal turf war between rival factions of the Gulf Cartel, who are fighting for control of lucrative drug trafficking routes into the U.S.

The ongoing violence has resulted in daily executions, gun battles, and narco-blockades, as the rival factions continue to battle each other and Mexican military forces.

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