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Clandestine cartel gravesite discovered in Mexican border city of Reynosa

October 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Clandestine cartel gravesite discovered in Mexican border city of Reynosa

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As the Gulf Cartel proceeds to engage in near-daily gunfights over drug territories, gunmen have turned the border city of Reynosa into a crematorium and mass grave.

The most recent finding occurred this week when Mexican officials discovered three bodies buried in a grave near a storm drain in the Puerta Sur neighborhood. The unidentified remains were brought to the already overpacked morgue.

In recent days, police discovered multiple bodies and clandestine crematoriums utilized by cartels to dispose of their victims.

The clandestine gravesite was discovered in the San Marcos neighborhood, a low-income area next to a large industrial park, Del Norte

Cartel hitmen utilize 55-gallon drums filled with fuel, wood, and old tires, and throw body parts to incinerate the victims.

While cartel associate previously carried out incinerations in isolated areas, in recent days, officers found numerous houses and empty lots inside the city which were used for those purposes.

The most recent finding occurred after an anonymous caller reported a clandestine grave in San Marcos, a low-income neighborhood next to a large industrial park, Del Norte, Breitbart Texas reported.

Cartel gunmen use 55-gallon drums filled with fuel, flaming wood, old tires, and begin throwing body parts in to incinerate the remains of their victims.

Officers arrived on the scene and recovered multiple barrels, charred remains, and ashes presumably belonging to the cremated victims.

The discoveries come at a time when two rival groups of the Gulf Cartel battle for control of this border area and its trafficking routes. The fighting has already resulted in over 203 murders since May.

However, that figure is likely much higher since many abducted or murdered cartel members are never reported.

As JammedUp News reported, the ongoing violence brought the city to a standstill on Thursday after the warring factions engaged in prolonged shootouts and established narco-blockades using burning vehicles on the city’s main roadways, which included blocking access to the Anzalduas International Bridge, which connects Reynosa to the Texas border city of McAllen.

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