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Federal judge sentences cartel rip crew member for 2015 rolling gun battle on Texas highway

October 16, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Federal judge sentences cartel rip crew member for 2015 rolling gun battle on Texas highway

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A federal judge sentenced a Mexican national in the U.S. illegally to prison after he pleaded guilty to being a member of a cartel rip crew in Texas.

The man was hit with a ten-year sentence for his participation in a 2015 rolling shootout along a highway in Texas.

According to a Justice Department press release,  Eduardo Rodriguez Silva, 27, appeared before U.S. District Judge Randy Crane last week, who sentenced him to five years behind bars for drug trafficking and another ten years in prison for using firearms in a drug offense.

Rodriguez Silva is a native of Mexico and has no legal status in the U.S.

Four other members of the rip crew have been found guilty and were sentenced.

Rip crew members, brothers Nery (l) and Luis Angel Gonzalez (r) pleaded guilty to their roles in the 2015 drug-related gunbattle in Texas.

Crane previously handed Silva’s co-conspirators, brothers Nery Gonzalez Jr., 29, and Luis Angel Gonzalez, 21, both of Edinburg, Texas, 207 months and 180 months respectively for their roles in the drug-related shootout.

While Arturo Guadalupe Saldivar-Abrego, 30; Eliezer Jesus Vela, 39, of Pharr each received 96 and 60 months respectively.

Rodriguez worked for a cartel rip crew that carried out raids in South Texas. The rip crew would rob drugs at gunpoint along highways in the border region. South Texas is considered by authorities to be one of the most significant drug corridors used by Mexico’s Gulf Cartel to transports tons of drugs and illegals into the U.S.

Prosecutors revealed that back in 2015, a vehicle loaded with 246 kilos of marijuana was driving along U.S. Expressway 83 when Rodriguez Silva and two others pulled up to the load vehicle and opened fire to stop the truck with the drugs.

Once the vehicle pulled over, Rodriguez and the other men loaded the marijuana into their vehicles and fled. Shortly after, police arrested two of the gunmen after a high-speed chase. Rodriguez Silva was arrested in March.

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