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Wounded drug kingpin hunted by rival cartel faction, Mexican authorities near Texas Border

October 20, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Wounded drug kingpin hunted by rival cartel faction, Mexican authorities near Texas Border

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The raging war for control of the border city of Reynosa continues as large-scale shootouts, blockades, and terror erupted over the weekend.

The fighting is linked to a long-standing struggle for territorial control between factions of the Gulf Cartel.

Since May, two rival groups have battled for control of lucrative drug trafficking areas.

The fighting has resulted in over 230 murders and countless numbers of kidnappings where the victims have never been heard from again. Tamaulipas law enforcement sources verified that on Sunday, during a clash with Mexican authorities, Luis Alberto Blanco Flores, also known as “Pelochas” or “M-28” was injured and remains on the lam.

The close call resulted in a dramatic spike in violence as authorities pursue him while his rivals also try to finish him off, Breitbart Texas reports.

Body of a Gulf Cartel gunman killed in recent clashes in northern Mexico

Over two days of gun battles, Mexican officials seized 13 armored SUVs, ten stock SUVs, four grenade launchers, 23 grenades, and 23 machine guns, along with other weapons.

On Sunday night, Reynosa was subject to some of the most intense violence in years. Rival groups of the Gulf Cartel fought throughout the streets, leading to dozens of blockades and road spikes. Cartel members were seen picking up the bodies of their killed comrades.

Gunmen establish the blockades for stealing vehicles and using them to cause traffic jams. Dozens of unsuspecting drivers were stripped of their cars as gunmen blocked almost every street. Some were also abducted at gunpoint; their fate is still unknown.

Groups of gunmen, who tried to flee from law enforcement ambushed the Plaza Periferico shopping mall. Shop owners forced customers inside and locked their doors to hide.

East of Reynosa, in the city of Rio Bravo, gunmen from Matamoros referring to themselves “Scorpions” approached into the city–speading gunfire at local businesses and abducting street-level drug dealers and cartel lookouts.

The raging war for control of this border city continues as large-scale gun battles, blockades, and terror spread over the weekend.

Another crew also raided the border area of Nuevo Progreso, where the Scorpions were hunting for rival cartel leadership.

On their way back, a group of gunmen from Reynosa called “Metros” fought with the Scorpions, leading to a violent shootout that concluded when the Mexican military was dispatched to the scene.

The violence in Rio Bravo proceeded on Monday when convoys of gunmen from the Scorpions once again came into town.

Stray gunfire hit a family going to a local junior high; preliminary information indicates that one of the parents was killed outside of the school. At a gas station in the nearby rural area of Palo Blanco, three cartel gunmen were killed in a clash with authorities.

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