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Accused New Orleans cop killer halts jury selection by rubbing feces on his face

October 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Accused New Orleans cop killer halts jury selection by rubbing feces on his face

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Accused New Orleans cop killer Travis Boys halts jury selection by rubbing FECES on his face

A suspect accused of killing a New Orleans police officer, brought jury selection for his trial to a halt on Wednesday after he rubbed human feces on himself.

Travis Boys, 35, has pleaded not guilty because of insanity to the slaying New Orleans Police Officer Daryle Holloway while fleeing from custody in 2015.

Jury selection was taking place at roughly 4 pm when Boys took out a napkin from his pocket and opened it to show feces that he started to rub on his face, head, and mouth, according to NOLA.com.

Boys did not say anything while smearing the excrement on himself; it’s not clear where the feces came from, but it was likely saved by Boys in the bathroom.

Travis Boys, 35, halted his jury selection on Wednesday when he pulled out feces in a napkin and rubbed it into his head and face. 

When she noticed what was going on, Criminal District Judge Karen Herman halted proceedings and dismissed the jury that had witnessed the incident.

Herman has ordered an additional competency evaluation for Boys, whose capacity to stand his legal team has questioned trial.

At an earlier competency hearing last month, Boys’ defense team brought in Dr. James Brad McConville a psychiatrist and professor at Tulane University.

“He doesn’t understand legal rights,” McConville said. “He would have difficulty testifying without incriminating himself. My recommendation is that he be incompetent to stand trial and undergo testing and legal rights education.”

However, court-appointed experts – Dr. Rafael Salcedo, a forensic psychologist, and Dr. Richard Richoux, a forensic psychiatrist, contended Boys was competent enough to stand trial, Nola.com reported.

Travis Boys is charged with fatally shooting New Orleans cop Daryle Holloway (pictured) in June 2015.

Boys was taken into custody in June 2015 for reportedly firing a shot next to his wife.

He was put in the back of a patrol vehicle driven by Officer Holloway but had somehow snuck a firearm in with him.

They said that Holloway’s body cam video shows “beyond doubt” that Boys shot the officer in the chest before trying to exit the vehicle by crawling through the access window between the front and back of the cruiser.

At that point, Holloway, injured but still alive, tried to wrestle the weapon out of Boys’ hands.

“While Officer Holloway struggled with Boys over control of the weapon, Boys yelled, ‘Let me go before you kill yourself!'” Sergeant Kevin Burns Jr. stated in the warrant application.

However, Holloway, weakened by his injury, was not able to keep up the fight and Boys got out of his grasp, left through the passenger door and shut it behind him.

At that point, Burns said, “Officer Holloway accelerated after losing control of motor skills, and crashed into a utility pole.”

It is unclear how Boys might have taken a gun into the car or got his hands from behind his back.

Boys was apprehended the next day when he was recognized getting onto a bus.

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