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Alarmed Mexican authorities discover the latest weapon of the drug cartels

October 22, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Alarmed Mexican authorities discover the latest weapon of the drug cartels

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Mexican authorities were stunned to seize, for the first time, a drone armed with explosives and equipped with a radiofrequency detonator in Guanajuato, a central state where brutal violence has escalated from ongoing turf wars between rival drug cartels.

Federal Police officials said the finding occurred on Friday during the arrest of four men allegedly linked to organized crime and who were riding in a stolen vehicle near the municipality of Salamanca, on a road that connects with the neighboring state of Michoacán.

“These guys brought with them an AK47 long weapon, (also known as a goat’s horn), and a drone armed with an explosive device and a remote detonator which could deliver a great explosive charge,” Guanajuato state prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa said in a statement.

“Both the explosive and weapon are for the exclusive use of the Army, so it will be necessary for the accused to be processed accordingly,” said Zamarripa.

According to El Debate, investigators are working to uncover where the criminals intended to fly the drone.

The discovery of the drone has raised concerns for both authorities and inhabitants in the region, which has been hit hardest by violence perpetrated by organized crime groups and drug cartels.

Since the beginning of the year, cartel-related violence has multiplied in Guanajuato, a state that was considered among the mildest in Mexico.

Last week, state police discovered several dismembered bodies in the municipality of Celaya (a classic modus operandi of cartel killers), following the arrests numerous drug gang leaders.

Intelligence officials say Guanajuato is currently being disputed among the powerful Jalisco New Generation, Sinaloa, and Los Zetas cartels.

In September eight people, including four cops, were executed in the state and in August, another three policemen were kidnapped and murdered by armed men in the city of Salamanca.

In addition, the director of police in the city of Celaya was assassinated by gunmen along with his security guard as he left his home to attend a security meeting on July 31st.

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