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Authorities investigate assassination of leading Mexican intelligence agent

October 22, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities investigate assassination of leading Mexican intelligence agent

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Law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate the recent murder of a leading Mexican intelligence Agent agent who worked in the violent border state of Chihuahua. During the assassination, the gunmen also killed the agent’s mother.

Despite the gravity of having a federal intelligence official killed, the case remained largely unnoticed in Mexico.

The Mexican intelligence Agent conducted surveillance work by recording the activities of two rival cartels battling over a drug smuggling corridor.

Authorities said the assassination took place as Julio Cesar Baez Guillen drove along the Chihuahua-Cuauhtémoc highway with his 65-year-old mother and his girlfriend, who is employed at a federal prison.

The Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office indicated that as Baez Guillen approached the neighborhood of Cuauhtémoc, a group of gunmen drove up along the driver’s side and opened fire, striking all three individuals in the car.

Baez Guillen attempted to drive away, but his vehicle came to a stop due to his injuries. The attack murdered the federal agent and his mother. It is expected that his girlfriend will survive.

The official was working in the Intelligence Division of Mexico’s Federal Police, where he documented the continuing violence between the Sinaloa and the Juarez Cartels in the Madera District and the Las Varas municipality. The fighting has resulted in a series of spikes in cartel-connected murders. Between March and August, the region saw 196 homicides in comparison to only 89 during the same period last year.

Some local press outlets reported that Báez Guillén was not part of Mexico’s federal police but was a member Mexico’s Intelligence Service. The federal agency, often described as the Mexican CIA, carries out strategic, tactical, and operational intelligence.

El Debate reported that Baez Guillen’s girlfriend is a federal employee at the Puente Grande maximum security prison in the state of Jalisco, and is considered to be the country’s second-most secure center; some of the country’s most dangerous drug lords are in custody there.

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