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U.S. Marshals continue to hunt drug suspect Torrance “T-Mack” Harris

October 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
U.S. Marshals continue to hunt drug suspect Torrance “T-Mack” Harris

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Cornering the most powerful piece: U.S. Marshals look to track down drug suspect Torrance “T-Mack” Harris

U.S. Marshals are on the hunt for Torrance “T-Mack” Harris, a violent criminal on the lam who is wanted for by feds for drug charges in Wisconsin.

Authorities said he is the last person on the list of a federal indictment, wanted for dealing deadly drugs on the streets of Milwaukee.

“His eleven co-defendants are in custody and him not in custody causes a rift in the court system,” an agent on his case told Fox6.

Harris is the primary target of a federal indictment. Prosecutors have charged him with intending to distribute heroin after evidence was discovered in a lethal mix in his batch.

Torrance Harris

“Heroin was positive for fentanyl, so it’s dangerous in the community,” the agent added.

Agents said Harris had been a career criminal for all of his life.

“He has reckless endangerment, a weapons offense, and multiple narcotic offenses, as well as battery and bail jumping,” the agent noted.

Harris has proven to be most successful as the ringleader in a significant drug operation in the city. Its status has undoubtedly helped increase his ego; his social media accounts are scattered with pictures of him wearing a crown.

Harris goes by the nickname of “T-Mack” and has a string of connections from Milwaukee to Chicago.

His drug enterprise started to fall apart when investigators started tracking his movements and found evidence against him and his co-defendants from 2015 to this past August.

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