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Florida couple shocked to discover 65 pounds of weed in Amazon delivered package

October 24, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida couple shocked to discover 65 pounds of weed in Amazon delivered package

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Florida couple unexpectedly receives 65 lbs. of marijuana in their Amazon order

A couple from Orlando, Flordia, received an Amazon delivery of plastic bins. However, inside of those storage containers was a surprising gift: 65 pounds of weed.

“We love and do a lot of shopping on Amazon,” one of the customers, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. “They were heavy, heavier than you would think from ordering four bins.”

Once the couple got the package open, they noticed an intense cannabis odor, WFLA reports

Authorities eventually arrived at the house to investigate the situation.

At first, they did not believe the couple’s story. Now, they are launching a probe.

The couple felt compelled to sleep somewhere for a few days out of concern that someone would break into their residence looking for the product.

“There was no concern for a customer’s safety,” the shopper said. “This could have turned into a worst-case scenario.”

She went back and forth with Amazon for about a month, but the company neglected to answer why a large amount of cannabis was shipped to them. After a certain amount of time, the couple received an email that said: “I am unable to do anything else” enclosed with a $150 gift card.

A pair from New Hampshire opened a box from Amazon in July and came across a bag of medical waste.

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