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Father of Kate Steinle testifies during day-two of murder trial

October 25, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Father of Kate Steinle testifies during day-two of murder trial

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Day-2 of Kate Steinle murder trial.

Prosecutors called the father of Kate Steinle as their first witness on Tuesday during the day two in the murder trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

The undocumented Mexican immigrant is accused of fatally shooting Steinle in San Francisco two years ago.

Jim Steinle gave emotional testimony amid a packed courtroom, who listened as he recounted the final moments of his daughter’s life as they took a summer evening stroll on a San Francisco pier on July 1, 2015.

According to , the elder Steinle said he heard a loud bang, and his daughter collapsed in his arms, saying “help me, Dad.”

“I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, She didn’t have any health problems.”

Jim Steinle rolled his daughter on her side, lifted her blouse and saw a bullet hole with little blood. Paramedics arrived shortly afterward and rushed her to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Jurors on Tuesday also heard testimony from a tourist who took photos of Zarate prior to the shooting.

Michelle Lo testified she noticed Garcia Zarate as she walked along a San Francisco pier because he was spinning around in a chair.

Three photos she took captured images of Garcia Zarate and victim Kate Steinle.

The images show Garcia Zarate, dressed in black, sitting on the chair and Steinle with her back to the camera.

Lo testified that moments later she heard a bang and saw Steinle on the ground.

The witness said she did not notice whether Garcia Zarate held anything in his hands.

The shooting prompted fierce debate about U.S. immigration policy and sanctuary cities during last year’s presidential campaign.

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