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Netflix El Chapo producer: “Sean Penn put himself at risk”

October 25, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Netflix El Chapo producer: “Sean Penn put himself at risk”

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The producer of the Netflix series ‘The Day I Met El Chapo’ says Sean Penn placed himself at risk after the academy award winning actor tried to stop the docu-series from airing over concerns for his safety.

Producer David Broome, who along with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo created the three-part series, maintains that they attempted to get input from Penn on several occasions for the series, which documents their famous meeting with the then fugitive drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

However, Broome said Penn never responded until two weeks before the show was set to air.

“There is nothing in this documentary that is going to be the cause of Sean (Penn) being in any kind of harm’s way,” Broome told Entertainment Weekly.

“We tried several attempts to get Sean and have him participate. First, I asked Netflix to reach out to his agents. There were several calls made over several weeks. I also called his house and I spoke to his assistant and I gave all the details. I never got a single response,” Broome added.

Sean Penn poses with del Castillo during their meeting on Oct. 3, 2015.

The producer added that any threat against Sean Penn wouldn’t be because of the documentary, it would lay squarely on Penn, “It would be his own actions.”

“If you’re Sean Penn and you’re so concerned about your safety and you hear I’m producing a documentary for Netflix with Kate del Castillo… are you going to not pick up the phone and call me back? We got nothing back from him. Then, when we were two weeks from launching the series, we get a call from his agents saying, ”Sean must see this documentary… must.”’ And I said, ”He can see it on October 20 when it comes out.”

Broome explained that when producing a Netflix series, there are no quick edits, but out of consideration he eventually sent Penn the series to view in advance.

“So I said: ‘There’s really no reason why he should see it now, but if we’re just giving it to him out of courtesy and respect, okay, fine.’ So Sean went and he watched it with his lawyer. And that’s when it all started.”

Kate del Castillo and Penn pictured with “El Chapo”

Penn has maintains that sources on the show insinuate he had tipped off the U.S. Department of Justice about his October 2015 trip to Mexico for a secret meeting with ‘El Chapo,’ where he interviewed the Sinaloa Cartel leader for Rolling Stone.

Broome dismissed Penn’s assertions, “I know what’s in the documentary. Nowhere do we say that Sean Penn was in cahoots, cooperating, working for, or with the D.O.J. — or anyone else in the United States government prior to going down there,” Broome continued.

However, Del Castillo’s criminal attorney, Harland Braun, says Penn would have certainly protected himself by telling his attorney, a former U.S. federal prosecutor, of their secret trip to Mexico, and believes his attorney would have told U.S. government officials, who, in turn, would have alerted Mexican authorities.

“What Harland was trying to say is: If you’re Sean Penn and you’re going to to see El Chapo in Mexico, would you just get on a plane going seven hours into the middle of the jungle and not tell anyone? Not make sure that you are protected, at the very least, by journalistic immunity?” Broome questioned.

He further claimed: “That’s different than saying Sean Penn was in cahoots with the D.O.J. That was their big concern. But really what I think is Sean was concerned he was going to look like a jerk. There were things that Kate said he did that put her life in jeopardy and he comes off looking bad based on things she said about him.”

Del Castillo maintains in the docu-series that Penn never made her aware of the interview for Rolling Stone magazine and that Penn made the request during their meeting with Guzman deep in the mountains of Durango.

The series also suggests that Penn’s repeated insistence in getting more from El Chapo for the article placed further risks for the cartel leader up beyond any he was already taking by agreeing to the meeting.

Mexican authorities captured Guzman days before Rolling Stone published Penn’s article about meeting ‘El Chapo.’

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