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International Red Cross compares violence in northern Mexico to war torn countries

October 25, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
International Red Cross compares violence in northern Mexico to war torn countries Reynosa Cartel Violence

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The International Red Cross has compared the border city of Reynosa and other parts of northern Mexico wracked by cartel violence to strife-ridden war zones such as Syria and Iraq.

Reynosa, which sits just across the border from Texas has been engulfed by large-scale gun battles between heavily armed rival Gulf cartel factions.

The ongoing violence has continued to spread fear throughout the city since January,

Peter Mauer, the President of the International Red Cross, got a first-hand look at the toll the cartel-related violence has inflicted on Reynosa during a recent visit to Mexico.

The Red Cross visited Tamaulipas to assess the humanitarian crisis due to the impact of illegal immigration and drug-related violence in Northern Mexico, where citizens in some parts lack access to basic services like education or medical care because of organized crime.

Maurer offered a sense of gravity to the difficulty facing the population in the region on social media.

In one message, the official even revealed he witnessed an empty school after shootouts forced teachers to suspended classes.

In an interview with Mexico’s El Universal, Mauer said that violence perpetrated by war or violent crime — has the same consequences.

“Our concern in Mexico, our basic proposal to the Mexican government is that derived from our experience in a warzone and that some of the impacts are the same, some of the answers that we have proposed could be interesting to the Mexican government for consideration,” Maurer said.

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