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Strangers offering to pay bail for hot gang member

October 26, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Strangers offering to pay bail for hot gang member

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A recently arrested hot gang member could be sprung from jail because of her looks after her photo went viral.

Police arrested a woman on a weapon charge after her vehicle was pulled over with her and her infant child.

However, it was the mugshot of 20-year-old Mirella Ponce, posted on Facebook by Fresno Police, that caught people’s attention after the image went viral.

As of Wednesday, the post had almost 3,000 shares.

A picture of a lilac handgun the woman was allegedly carrying when officers stop the car were posted on the police department’s Facebook page (Fresno Police)

Authorities stopped the vehicle Monday. The woman was identified as a documented Tiny Rascal Gang member and said two other gangsters were also in the car.

Among the numerous comments on the Facebook post, one of the most popular stated: “The only crime she committed was stealing my heart.”

Other people offered to post her bail. “Ima go bail her out. Free this hot chick,” one stated.

A commenter named Tiffani DaDon attempted to offer some context: “The girl is pretty but wrong for riding dirty with her baby.”

Tattoos on her neck and chest are showing, including a red rose tattooed near her throat.

In addition to Ponce’s mugshot, Fresno authorities shared a picture of the woman’s purple gun, which also caused a strong reaction.

“I don’t know what’s cuter, her or the gun,” one person wrote about the hot gang member.

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