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Miami-Dade man tells police mutilated corpse is a sex doll ‘made of flesh’

November 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Miami-Dade man tells police mutilated corpse is a sex doll ‘made of flesh’

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A man in Flordia was taking into custody after failing to convince officers that a disemboweled corpse was, in fact, a blow-up sex doll with human flesh.

On Friday, Jerome Wright, 32, was arrested and charged in the death of his 52-year-old girlfriend, Deanna Clendinen and committing deadly abuse on the woman’s body.

Authorities said that his mother, Della Rosalie Wright, called 911 complaining Friday of the smell inside her Miami-dade home. She told police that she resides with her 32-year-old son.

Authorities came to the residence and questioned Jerome Wright who said that “whatever was in his room was not real,” according to WFOR-TV.

He told authorities that “there was a life-size blow-up doll in the closet, and that is made of flesh.”

Wright also insisted that he had not seen his girlfriend in five months.

Clendinen’s remains were discovered under sheets and clothes in one of the closets.

Her stomach had reportedly been lacerated, and her organs were discovered in a trash can behind the house.

Police have requested an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death.

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