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Three Milwaukee men went on violent crime spree to pay off debt to Mexican cartel

November 9, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Three Milwaukee men went on violent crime spree to pay off debt to Mexican cartel

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Authorities in Wisconsin say three Milwaukee men went on a violent crime spree, targeting drug dealers to pay off a debt to a drug cartel in Mexico.

Marco Felipe, Rodolfo Pantojas-Juarez, and Ivan Santiago robbed, tortured, and murdered people between October 11th and November 2nd.

Authorities said they owed a Mexican cartel money after someone robbed 15 kilos of cocaine from the suspects, WISN reported.

The cartel gave them 2½ months to pay them, so they “came up with a plan to rob the big drug dealers in Milwaukee,” a criminal complaint revealed.

Investigators said the crime wave began with a home invasion on October 11th and another one that took place eight days later.

Officials said the men shot at a parking checker and missed while they had a man tied up in their trunk while trying to steal his cash on October 24th.

That man later told detectives that they tried to cut off his hand and soaked him in paint thinner. They told him, “If they didn’t get more money, they were going to light him on fire.”

On October 30th, authorities said the defendants shot a man four times.

Court records reveal that the incident was the starting point to the most violent 24-hours out of all their crimes.

Later that night, officers said the men fatally shot Humberto Varela-Caballero in front of his pregnant girlfriend.

Hours later, they beat a man with a bat and a hammer and shot him ten times.

Police matched bullets from the crime scenes and used phone records to link the string of seemingly random crimes.

If convicted, the men will face decades in prison.

Authorities noted that said the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests may be carried out.

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