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Moment drug dealer tried to fly drone loaded with cannabis, mobile phones into UK prison

November 10, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Moment drug dealer tried to fly drone loaded with cannabis, mobile phones into UK prison

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Prison security cameras recorded the moment a drug dealer tried to fly a drone loaded with marijuana and cell phones into Pentonville Prison in England.

In the video, a plain-clothed investigator is seen rushing from his undercover vehicle after noticing the drone hovering above, The Sun reported.

The officer, a specialist team member, tasked with stopping the increasing number of drones attempting to enter the London prison, managed to pull the drone down by taking the black bag hanging from it with string.

The bag had 118 grams of cannabis, two phones and 71.7 grams of a psychoactive substance inside.

The police unit, dubbed Operation Airborne, had been at HMP Pentonville to review another drone crash – but were tipped off by prison employees who saw the approaching drone on security cameras.

Pharmacology student Charlie Adifiyi, who was flying the remote device remotely, managed to flee the scene when the incident took place on August 14th last year.

However, the 21-year-old was found using DNA recovered from the drone, and a search of his residence in Islington, North London, revealed another 476 grams of the psychoactive substance.

The man pleaded guilty to three counts of conveying a prohibited article into prison and one count of possessing psychoactive substances with intent to distribute.

Student Charlie Adifiyi, 21, has been jailed for three years over the incident

On Monday, he was sentenced to three years behind bars.

Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah stated: “I am determined to stem the flow of drugs into prisons, and I want to pay tribute to the staff and police for preventing this haul from entering the prison and undermining stability and order at the jail. This conviction should send a message to others who may attempt to do the same; we will find you and put you behind bars.”

Authorities established the specialist unit to crackdown on drones earlier this year, when it was discovered that there had been 33 of the drone detected in or around jails in England and Wales in 2015.

The figures show a considerable increase in their utilization, with only two reported in 2014 and none in 2013.

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