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Nashville narcotics detective busted pocketing cash during sting

November 17, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Nashville narcotics detective busted pocketing cash during sting

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Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee have charged a detective with felony theft after he was busted pocketing more than $5,000 during a sting.

According to WMSV, 42-year-old James Landon Dunaway a narcotics detective with the Metro Nashville Police Department on Thursday submitted his resignation a day after he was arrested.

Dunaway, who was a narcotics sergeant in the department’s specialized investigations division was taken into custody on Wednesday.

A fellow officer had reported seeing Dunaway pocket cash in September during a sting approved by Police Chief Steven Anderson.

WSMV News 4

Officers hid $28,000 in cash around a motel room during the sting.

The officer told his superiors he witnessed Dunaway pocketing $5,860.

He later admitted to taking cash in an interview with detectives, according to the arrest warrant.

Police have yet to file an official misconduct charge, which can only come from a grand jury indictment.

It’s unclear if Dunaway has a lawyer.

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