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Morgue closes after bodies pile up in parking lot in Mexican state of Guerrero

November 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Morgue closes after bodies pile up in parking lot in Mexican state of Guerrero

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A morgue in the Mexican State of Guerrero was forced to shut down temporarily after the stench and poor sanitary conditions from over 660 corpses led employees to walk out.

In Chilpancingo Guerrero, the state capital that is home to the resort city of Acapulco, morgue employees are forced to pile remains as the growing amount unclaimed murder victims continues to increase, Mexico’s El Popular reported

The morgue has a capacity of over 300. However, it is currently housing 664 bodies, according to the morgue’s director Ben Yehuda Martinez.

A series of images that shows technicians carrying out their work in the parking lot of the morgue, due to the saturation of corpses and the foul smell.

While the facility has two cold storage systems, one of them is not working while the lack of space has forced employees to store bodies in hallways and the parking lot.

Considered Mexico’s most violent state, Guerrero has been subject to some of the worst cartel violence in the country as rival groups fight for control of lucrative drug production territories.

Guerrero is also home to the famous city of Acapulco, an area that has also seen its share of cartel violence, which has impacted international tourism.

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