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North Carolina Police find $500K, guns, drugs after neighbors complain

November 22, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
North Carolina Police find $500K, guns, drugs after neighbors complain

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Three suspects are facing charges after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police in North Carolina seized $500,000 in cash, along with firearms and drugs, while searching a residence in Steele Creek.

Authorities revealed that they investigated a house after receiving complaints from neighbors and took Anthony Joseph Espinal, 30, Jesus Manuel Rosario, 24, and Socrates Jhoneril Gomez, 32, into custody.

Along with the cash, investigators said 2.6 kilos of cocaine, two pounds of marijuana, two firearms, a money counter and other drugs were discovered inside the house, WFTV reported.

Left to Right: Anthony Espinal, Jesus Rosario, Socrates Gomez (Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office)

Police said the cocaine was packaged as bricks and that much of the money was wrapped in tape and doused in grease before it was stored inside of metal containers.

The narcotics are worth an estimated $100,000 and police believe the bust prevented violent crime in the area.

Espinal, Rosario, and Gomez have each been charged with conspiring to traffic cocaine greater than 400 grams, possession of cocaine, trafficking in opium/heroin/opiates, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of marijuana, maintaining a dwelling, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drug paraphernalia not for marijuana.

Detectives indicated that they are still on the hunt for another suspect, 21-year-old Christian Nunez.

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