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Mexico extradites top female Sinaloa Cartel operative “La Patrona” to Chicago

November 24, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexico extradites top female Sinaloa Cartel operative “La Patrona” to Chicago

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The Mexican government earlier this week extradited Guadalupe Fernandez Valencia, also known as “La Patrona” the top Sinaloa Cartel female operative to the United States.

Valencia was flown to Chicago from Mexico City where she appeared in Federal Court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cole on Wednesday to face an indictment on conspiracy charges.

The 57-year-old Valencia listened with the help of an interpreter as Federal prosecutors detailed the charges against her in a case that includes Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, according to the Chicago Tribune.

U.S. authorities accuse Valencia of overseeing a drug trafficking network that distributed thousands of pounds of narcotics across the United States dating back to the 1990’s.

As JammedUp News reported, Valencia was previously jailed in California for a 1998 conviction on drug trafficking back charges.

Federal prosecutors say upon her release from prison, Valencia went back to organizing shipments of drugs from Asia, Central, and South Americas to Mexico and eventually destined for the U.S. market.

Additionally, the female drug trafficker is accused of being the top financial operator and money handler for “Chapo” Guzman, the jailed boss of the Sinaloa Cartel.

 Guadalupe Fernandez Valencia  alias “La Patrona” after her arrest in 2016

Valencia is the sister of close Guzman confidant Manuel Fernandez Valencia who is serving a 27-year sentence for a 2016 drug trafficking conviction in Chicago.

Authorities in Mexico arrested Valencia in February 2016 in the Sinaloa state capital of Culiacan.

“La Patrona” was subsequently extradited Wednesday to the U.S. following a protracted legal process.

The Mexican government extradited “El Chapo” to New York in January to face a litany of drug trafficking indictments.

Guzman pleaded not guilty to a 17-count indictment in Brooklyn’s Eastern District charging him with running a transnational drug trafficking enterprise that oversaw murders, kidnappings and laundered billions of dollars in drug proceeds.

The infamous kingpin is expected to stand trial in April 2018.

Guzman also faces similar charges in the District Courts of Manhattan, Chicago, El Paso, San Diego, Miami, and District of Columbia.

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