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Cartel violence causes record homicide rate in Mexican border city of Tijuana

November 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartel violence causes record homicide rate in Mexican border city of Tijuana Sergio Ortiz/Frontera

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The homicide rate in the border city of Tijuana peaked with a record-breaking number of slayings.

The number of murders increased as cartels fight over control of key drug trafficking territories and the control of the profitable street-level drug distribution in the area.

The out of control violence can be attributed to the conflict between the Sinaloa Cartel and their former ally, the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG).

Murders in Tijuana exceeded 1,500 after six murders took place within a seven-hour period last week.

The victims included one man who was shot and killed inside a home.

The body of a man was discvoered hanging  from a highway overass in Tijuana last year.

Two others who were also injured but survived the assault. In a separate incident, three different victims were left throughout the city — all exhibiting related methods of torture and killing.

The victims were all been shot in the head, had their hands and feet bound, and were covered in blankets. The last incident took place when authorities discovered a severed human leg.

The victim’s body has not yet been recovered.

This increasing number of killings reveals a dramatic increased compared to last year, which was record setting, in which only 910 were reported.

Investigators at a December homicide scene in URBI Quinta del Cedro, a development south of downtown Tijuana. (Sergio Ortiz/Frontera)

The San Diego Tribune reported that the figure in 2016 had been shocking at the time since it had surpassed the 2008 record of 844 homicides.

Authorities have also attributed the spike in homicides to the rising addiction rates, which has fueled turf wars between cartel-connected groups who control street-level drug distribution.

As cartel-fueled turf-wars continue to explode, the increase in murders places Tijuana as one of the leading cities in homicides for this year.

Frontera.Info reported another cause of the spike in violence has to do with Tijuana being one of the leading drug trafficking areas that feed the drug market in California.

The city is also a hub for distribution into other major cities throughout the U.S.

“Close to 91% of the murders have to do with the struggle that exists between the groups that are dedicated to the drug trade,” said José María González Martínez, head of the Deputy Attorney General for Special Investigations (SIE).

Additional statements made by State Attorney General Perla del Socorro Ibarra Leyva revealed that only 10-12% of the 1,500 murder investigations this year resulted in indictments.

While authorities have arrested 5,000 suspects linked to drug trafficking, less than 10% have been prosecuted.

The lack of prosecution is somewhat from a lack of personnel as well as recent judicial reforms that altered the way court cases are handled in Mexico.

While the change was meant to increase legal transparency, it has also resulted in suspects being released faster after their initial arrest and very few of them being detained until trial.

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