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Video captures Gulf Cartel kidnapping in Mexican Border City

November 28, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures Gulf Cartel kidnapping in Mexican Border City

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The surge of violence by the Gulf Cartel continues to spread as the group manages to carry out daytime kidnapping operations with impunity in the border state of Tamaulipas.

Recently surfaced footage shows the moment when a group of armed Gulf Cartel members went to a local construction supply business to abduct a victim.

In the footage, an Audi sedan drives to a store and a crew of gunmen is recorded getting out. While some are watching, the rest go into the business and then walk out the victim. The man looks unable to resist

According to Breitbart Texas, the kidnapping occurred at a marble and granite store in the Los Leones area in Reynosa. Authorities have not revealed the victim’s identity, and his fate remains unclear.

The abduction occurs at a time when the Gulf Cartel continues to fight an internal war for control of the border city.

Two rival groups are responsible for over 322 confirmed homicides and executions since May and an unknown number of cases where the victims are presumed dead but are still recorded as “disappeared.”

The increasing number of slayings have resulted in over 60 cases in November alone relates to the fight for control of the region’s lucrative drug trafficking and human smuggling territories, along with the area’s money laundering operations.

As a result of the violence, officials have found various clandestine graves and multiple sites where victim’s bodies were incinerated in 55-gallon drums.

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