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English actress accuses Harvey Weinstein of sex trafficking

November 28, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
English actress accuses Harvey Weinstein of sex trafficking

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Harvey Weinstein was hit with a civil lawsuit on Monday accusing him of sex trafficking linked to a purported assault in Cannes, France.

Aspiring actress Kadian Noble’s suit alleges that Weinstein first “groomed” her for the assault in London when he told her that “he had a role in mind and that ‘it will be good for you.’”

They met again in 2014 in Cannes, where the disgraced movie producer asked her to come back to his hotel “where he would review her reel and discuss her future,” according to CBS News.

Once she got to the hotel, Weinstein “began massaging Kadian and gripped her shoulders,” the federal lawsuit stated. “He informed her that she needed to relax, and his people would have all of her details and would ‘take care of everything.’”

Weinstein also asked the woman to “walk up and down the room” as part of her “audition,” the lawsuit added.

Kadian said that Weinstein then called an unidentified Weinstein Company producer in the U.S., who told the woman “that she needed to be ‘a good girl and do what he wished,’ and if she did, then ‘they would work’ with her.”

Then, Harvey Weinstein pulled the woman closer and “groped her breasts.”

She tried to resist but “felt compelled to comply because of the benefits” the producer could give to her.

Weinstein took Kadian into the bathroom, where he forced himself on her.

She “told him to stop and tried to leave the bathroom, but (he) blocked her,” the filing stated.

The suit then outlines the alleged sexual assault, including Weinstein pulling the actress’ shirt down, “revealing her breasts,” and unbuckling his pants and belt.

Kadian has also filed a suit against Weinstein’s brother, Bob, and their company, claiming that they were informed that Harvey had a reputation for forcing or coercing “young actresses” to engage in sexual activity.

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