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Four gang members charged with dismemberment murder of drug dealer discovered in South Texas

December 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Four gang members charged with dismemberment murder of drug dealer discovered in South Texas

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Four gang members face capital murder charges in dismemberment murder of South Texas drug dealer

Three men and a woman face capital murder charges in Texas for their participation in the abduction, torture, slaying, and dismemberment of a street-level drug dealer.

The various remains that comprised the victim’s body were later discovered in a makeshift grave in a rural area of South Texas.

The suspects also kidnapped and tortured another man but released him shortly after.

While the three men who have been charged with murder are part of cartel-connected gangs, the gruesome slaying seems to be a personal dispute linked to drug theft.

The case was launched on November 8th, when sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence in rural Edinburg, according to Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra.

Officers discovered a ransacked home and signs of a violent struggle; including blood stains on the driveway and in the house, KRGV reported.

Investigators recovered a bullet casing and blood consistent with someone who was shot.

Footage from security cameras shows a vehicle coming to the location and the same car dragging a man in the direction of a nearby orchard.

Authorities identified the kidnapping victims as 32-year-old Jose Angel Martinez and 55-year-old Ricardo Moreno. Days later, a badly-beaten Moreno was released and went to the police.

Sheriff’s investigators discovered Martinez’s dismembered body buried in a makeshift grave last week.

Investigators identified 43-year-old Hector Guerra, a member of the Texas Chicano Brotherhood–along with Gabino Salinas, 32, and Benjamin Sanchez, 21, who are part of the Mexican Mafia.

Most recently 27-year-old Sandy Lutz Rodriguez was also arrested for capital murder.

The FBI’s National Gang Report reported that the Chicano Brotherhood has a relationship with the Gulf Cartel while the “Eme” or Mexican Mafia works with multiple drug cartels including the Sinaloa and Los Zetas.

The four purported kidnappers were taken into custody and charged with various crimes including one count of capital murder each.

If found guilty, each of them faces death by lethal injection or life behind bars.

According to Breitbart Texas, Sheriff Guerra indicated that while three of the suspects are known gang members, the murder is not linked with gang activity but to an ongoing dispute between Guerra and Martinez over a home invasion.

Police added that Martinez and Moreno are street-level and in April, Guerra carried out a home invasion at the same house where the abductions occurred.

During the incident, Martinez reportedly fired back at the gunmen, and Guerra lost his leg.

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