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Surveillance video captures moment Fla. deputy shoots ex-girlfriend while on duty before killing himself

December 2, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Surveillance video captures moment Fla. deputy shoots ex-girlfriend while on duty before killing himself

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Surveillance footage released Friday by authorities in Florida captured the moment a sheriff’s deputy ridicules his ex-girlfriend holding his service firearm just moments before he shot her and turned the gun on himself.

The dispute was recorded on video last month in Boynton Beach and was published by the Palm Beach Post.

“You treat me worse than a dog,” Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy Michael DeMarco said to his ex-girlfriend, Yuly Solano, just before he shot a bullet into her and shot himself.

In October, the former couple had been apart for only a few weeks when 55-year-old DeMarco decided to visit his old flame, despite the fact that he was working.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Demarco, 55, shot Solano before killing himself on Oct. 12th

Solano was walking her dog through a local apartment complex, where they both reside when the officer pulled up in an unmarked car and approached her.

The video shows DeMarco — described by Solano in residential records as “racist and possessive of her” — getting out of the vehicle and trading words with the 40-year-old woman.

He and Solano are seen walking next to each other off-screen before they came back into view after what seems to be a brief struggle. When they re-appear, DeMarco is holding his gun in his hand as Solano tries to back away in fear.

The recorded, which was edited, then shows him raising the gun — in the attempt to shoot her — before the footage cuts away.

Solano (pictured left with her Shih Tzu) dated the officer for seven months before breaking up with him. 

Officials said to the Palm Beach Post that the unedited video shows the entire episode and the aftermath.

DeMarco ended up dying at the scene of a self-inflicted bullet wound, and Solano was rushed to a local hospital, where she managed to make a full recovery.

Her lawyer says she is planning to sue the condominium association where the shooting occurred — and possibly even the sheriff’s office — for negligence under the allegation that they ignored multiple complaints that she made about DeMarco.

The couple was only dating for seven months.

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