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Drunken Mexican soldiers open fire at federal police in border city over soccer game result

December 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Drunken Mexican soldiers open fire at federal police in border city over soccer game result

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The score of a broadcasted soccer game, combined with alcohol, was the main factor behind a fistfight and shot fired between Mexican soldiers and federal police in the border state of Coahuila.

A crew of Mexican soldiers began their day off fighting with federal police and then opened fire as the officers were leaving. After the incident, the soldiers also fired at local police who were dispatched to the scene.

According to Breitbart Texas, both the soldiers and the federal officers were off duty and were not in uniform when a conflict began at a bar over the outcome of a soccer game in Pedras Negras.

As they left the bar, the soldiers got into a Pontiac and followed the cops.

Three of the Mexican soldiers who were arrested for opening fire on police in border city of Pedras Negras

When they arrived at an intersection, the soldiers began shooting at the cops. An SUV with Piedras Negras municipal officers were guarding the area when the shots erupted and attempted to intervene but were also shot at.

The municipal officers called for backup and trailed the soldiers fleeing toward the area of the military barracks. Local and state law officials responded and arrested the four soldiers who were drunk.

The suspects have been identified as Julio Cesar Hernandez De Leon, Jose Alonso Flores Reposo, Cristian Adam Michel, and Manuel Doris.

Coahuila state officials seized the Pontiac and discovered a Glock pistol with spent bullet casings.

The federal police officers’ car was not found. Local hospitals did not report any patients with gunshot wounds.

Recently, over 100 federal officers were sent to Piedras Negras to increase security as cartel violence continues to intensify in the northern portion of the state.

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