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California teen admits to sexually molesting upward towards 50 children

December 4, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
California teen admits to sexually molesting upward towards 50 children

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California authorities say a recently detained teenager in Riverside has confessed to sexually molesting some 50 children over the past several years across southern California.

Riverside Police spokesman Officer Ryan Railsback said in a statement that 18-year-old Joseph Hayden Boston told his mother he had sexually molested two boys ages 4 and 8-years-old at a Riverside motel.

The mother subsequently brought her son to the Riverside Police station on Saturday, where Boston admitted to the motel assaults and confessed to investigators to sexually molesting “upwards of 50 children” beginning when he was 10-years-old.

Railsback said the incidents occurred in different cities where he had lived, including Riverside, CBS News reported.

Police booked Boston on suspicion of two counts of oral copulation on a child under the age of 10 and remanded into custody on a $1 million bond.

The police official said the two boys were staying at the motel with their parents, who allowed both victims to go into the suspect’s room where the molestation occurred.

“Hours later, the suspect called his mother stating what he had just done,” Railsback said in the statement.

Both juvenile victims were taken from the motel and placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

Railsback said a police investigation remains ongoing and investigators believe Boston has victimized other children who have yet to come forward.

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