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Chicago man accused of disemboweling brother-in-law after on city bus

December 5, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chicago man accused of disemboweling brother-in-law after on city bus

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Police: Chicago resident Darnell Scott stabbed brother-in-law 25 times on city bus.

A Chicago stabbed his brother-in-law over 25 times, which partly disemboweled him last Thursday in front of terrified passengers on a city bus.

Chicago Police officials said 37-year-old Darnell Scott, was refused bail after he stabbed the 50-year-old victim with a pocket knife, leaving him with abdomen, neck, leg and arm injuries, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The brother-in-law, whose identity has not been revealed, survived the attack but was listed in critical condition with serious injuries.

“The men are related by marriage, but do not like each other,” according to Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Craig Taczy.

Taczy said the episode occurred last Saturday when Scott got on a bus and walked by his brother-in-law without saying anything.

Darnell Scott, 37 (Chicago Police Department)

The older man approached Scott at the back of the bus, and a dispute ensued.

Scott then took out his knife and stabbed his brother-in-law as some commuters recorded the altercation on their phones.

Prosecutors didn’t indicate what led to the fight. Scott has been charged with aggravated battery.

The assault prompted commuters to criticize Chicago Transit Authority for not doing enough to ensure passengers’ safety.

“It’s scary out here, there’s so much going on. There’s a lot going on. It’s not safe to be walking or standing right here,” said Domonique Hall told ABC7.

“You think you’re safely (sic), but you’re not. Getting on and off. It’s sad, really sad,” Shirley Alrich, added.

Chicago Transit officials released a statement In response to the criticism following the incident.

“Bus operators are trained to handle emergency situations like there, and “… in this incident, the operator immediately notified our Control Center, which alerted Chicago Fire and Chicago Police.”


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