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Feds: Teen ‘lured’ to Mexico by online predator found safe

December 5, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Feds: Teen ‘lured’ to Mexico by online predator found safe

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A 13-year-old girl from Texas, who disappeared last week and was alleged to have “been lured by an online predator,” was discovered on Sunday in Mexico.

Ashlee Hattermann was found in Mexico City with assistance from Mexican authorities and the FBI, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office indicated in a tweet on Monday.

On Friday, Hattermann was reported missing after her parents learned that she only went to one class at school that day.

“The last thing we heard is that she crossed the border,” Tiffany Hattermann, the girl’s mother, told the Houston Chronicle.

Hattermann was reportedly spotted on surveillance footage at a Greyhound bus station. (FBI San Antonio)

Hattermann was last seen on security video with a woman at a bus station. Hatterman’s parents said their daughter was going to meet an older man that she met on the internet.

The other woman Hattermann was seen with told KHOU she was tricked into buying a bus ticket for the girl, who told her she was 18 years old, visited her boyfriend in town, and was trying to get back home.

“We found a note in her room,” Hatterman’s father said as he described the man the girl was going to see. “She calls the guy ‘daddy’ and herself ‘baby girl.’ Daddy owns my body and my soul,'” which was reportedly written multiple times on the sheet of paper.

The teen’s parents said Hattermann confessed to talking to the online predator identified as a 29-year-old man residing in Mexico.

The parents said they learned that their daughter had traded “graphic sexual images and messages by using covert messaging apps.”

The Sheriff’s Office, along with FBI Agents in San Antonio and Laredo, were looking into the girl’s disappearance over the weekend — which they were handling as a runaway situation.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, along with Homeland Security, also participated in the search for the teen.

The Sheriff’s Office posted a tweet just before 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night that Hattermann had been found in Mexico.

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