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Milwaukee robbery crew targeted drug dealers, accused of three murders

December 7, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Milwaukee robbery crew targeted drug dealers, accused of three murders Left to right: Herman Highshaw, Shundale Joshua, Akeam Williams

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A robbery crew in Milwaukee reportedly targeted alleged drug dealers for theft, and murdered two of them, before killing one of their own to deter him from talking to authorities.

The case exemplifies violent crime trends in the area: heroin distribution, rolling drug houses, police pursuits, along with witness intimidation.

Last weekend, three men were charged and already are in custody for unrelated cases, Fox6 reported..

The criminal complaints describe the allegations put forth against each of the suspected robbery crew suspects including Akeam Williams, 22, who has been charged with felony murder in the slaying of Demetrius Baker, known as “Meechie,” in December 2015.

Williams, Herman Highshaw, 34, and 29-year-old Shundale Joshua have been charged with felony murder in the killing of Landray Harris in May 2016.

Highshaw has also been charged with reckless homicide and mutilating a corpse in the slaying of Demarion Allen, who authorities say was a member of the suspects’ robbery group and had driven to the Harris murder.

According to prosecutors, Highshaw reportedly shot Allen in the head, before he burned his remains in a recycling cart because he thought Allen was going to cooperate with investigators.

Detectives used witness statements, informants, ballistics and other evidence to establish together the case, which stems back two years to Baker’s shooting death.

Court records revealed that in early December of 2015, police in Milwaukee arrived at the scene of a shooting and discovered Baker in the middle of the road.

A witness who heard the gunshots put two garbage cans around Baker so he would not be run over by a vehicle.

Authorities learned that Baker had been in a Mercedes SUV driven by Terry Williams. Terry Williams was killed in June in a shooting involving a sheriff’s deputy.

A Cadillac was parked in front of the Mercedes with two people inside who knew Baker and Williams.

Milwaukee authorities alleged that the four men managed a “mobile drug house” using the cars to respond to calls from clients who wanted to purchase drugs.

Williams told officers that he was asleep and woke up to someone pulling the car door. The person opened the door, hit him over the head with a firearm, and dragged him out of the car. Williams added that he fled for help.

Then, shots rang out, and the Cadillac drove off and crashed on the way to a hospital. The driver and passenger were seriously injured.

Left to right: Herman Highshaw, Shundale Joshua, Akeam Williams

Baker was taken out of the Mercedes and was abandoned in the street. The SUV was stolen and officers discovered it later that day.

An informant later told investigators about a conversation he overheard in which Akeam Williams, Joshua and Allen talked about the murder. Joshua said they had caught the targets “slipping” and chose to attack and rob them. The men took Baker’s glasses, coat, along with 30 grams of heroin.

The informant also indicated that the crew recovered Baker’s four cell phones inside the vehicle.

In May 2016, Milwaukee officers were dispatched to the scene of another shooting.

Harris died from his wounds.

Two other people were injured in the dispute.

According to a criminal complaint, an informant told authorities that Akeam Williams, Joshua, Allen and Highshaw had seen Harris a few days prior. Highshaw said that Harris was “sweet,” slang for someone who sells drugs and carries a significant amount of money.

On the day of the killing, the crew attacked Harris while he was in a vehicle.

Joshua opened the door and Williams, who was armed with a gun, yelled at the occupants inside before he fired. The car backed up, hit a tree, and then fled.

A witness reported the shooter’s vehicle to be silver with a partial license plate. Security footage in the area showed a four-door Acura. Authorities entered the details into a database and discovered a matching car that was registered to a family member of Allen.

Police records indicated that an officer had run the plate roughly one hour after the murder.

The cop noted that he saw the vehicle speeding and made a U-turn to make a traffic stop, but the vehicle got away.

The same day, the crew robbed another victim, jumping in the man’s car and telling him at gunpoint to “take them to the money.” The man went to his house and gave them roughly $5,000.

Less than two weeks after the Harris’ murder, firefighters received a report of a fire.

One caller said it seemed like a mannequin was in flames. However, firefighters discovered a real body, who was identified as Allen after dental records were examined.

The medical examiner’s office revealed that he was killed from gunshot wound to the head before his remains were stuffed in a recycling bin and were ignited in flames.

Another informant reportedly authorities Highshaw was behind the slaying.

Milwaukee officers had linked the car to the Harris murder to Allen. Highshaw was concerned that Allen would cooperate if he were busted.

Highshaw told Allen to come to his house, brought him to the basement and shot him. Highshaw and another suspect then purchased yellow gloves, bleach, a mop, and towels.

The store’s security video verified the account.

Highshaw moved out of his house two days after Allen’s body was found.

When officers searched the home, they discovered a mop and plastic bucket.

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