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International drug syndicate ‘used drones to monitor police’

December 8, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
International drug syndicate ‘used drones to monitor police’

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An international drug syndicate utilized drones to conduct counter-surveillance on authorities in a failed attempt to smuggle 78 blocks of cocaine into Australia.

The drugs, which are worth an estimated $23 million (USD), were discovered inside three duffel bags packed into a shipping container on a ship that arrived in Melbourne from Panama.

Seven suspects – four from Australia, two from Canada, and one from the U.K. – were taken into custody in recent months, according to the BBC.

Police also seized a significant amount of money in the bust.

John Beveridge, the Australian Federal Police Commissioner, said the operation confirmed that criminal organizations are becoming more sophisticated.

“They used aerial drones to run counter-surveillance while conducting their meetings,” he revealed on Friday.

He commended the efforts of authorities for evading detection by the drone surveillance by the internationaldrug syndicate.

The seven suspects, all between the ages of 21- and 33-years-old, have been charged with drug importation-related crimes.

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