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Colombian authorities seek to arrest Pablo Escobar hitman for violating parole

December 10, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Colombian authorities seek to arrest Pablo Escobar hitman for violating parole

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BOGOTA, Colombia – The former hit man for late cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar is being sought after by Colombian authorities for violating his parole after he was caught partying with a notorious drug lord wanted by the U.S. government.

Prosecutors said Saturday that Jhon Jairo Velasquez, better known by his nickname “Popeye” violated terms of his probation after he attended a rowdy 50th birthday party for Juan Carlos Mesa, alias “Tom” one of Colombia’s most-wanted drug traffickers.

Velasquez attending the celebration constituted a “very serious” offense, said the country’s chief prosecutor’s office.

Colombian Police captured Mesa during a raid on the party at a country house just outside of Medellin.

Mesa is the subject of a $2 million reward issued by U.S. authorities for information leading to his capture.

According to El Tiempo, police seized more than $40,000 in cash, seven luxury cars, and jewelry during the raid.

Colombian authorities want to revoke parole for Escobar’s former hitman after he attended a birthday party for a notorious drug trafficker

It was unclear why Velasquez attended the party.

“Popeye” served a 22-year-prison sentence after pleading guilty to hundreds of murders and plotting the assassination of an ex-presidential candidate.

Velasquez was paroled in 2014 and has since gained notoriety as an author and YouTube celebrity who often delivers fierce denunciations against corrupt politicians, leftist rebels, and Venezuela’s socialist government.

During his incarceration, Velasquez took advantage of his time by obtaining several academic degrees and sought out forgiveness from his victims.

Velasquez also provided prosecutors with testimony that led to the conviction of a former corrupt minister of justice who was close to Escobar.

Although he expressed regret over his criminal past, Velasquez continued to show his fondness and admiration for his former boss.

“If Pablo Escobar were to be reborn I’d go with him without thinking,” Velasquez told El Tiempo newspaper in 2013.

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