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Mexican state police convoy ambushed by cartel gunmen near Texas Border

December 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican state police convoy ambushed by cartel gunmen near Texas Border

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The calm experienced for several days in the Mexcian border city of Matamoros came to a end over the weekend after a series of violent shootouts after armed drug cartel operatives tried to ambush a state police convoy responding to reports of gunfire.

The violence erupted when a crew of Gulf Cartel gunmen from Reynosa set off an attack that expanded into Matamoros. Two rival groups of the Gulf Cartel have been battling for control of Reynosa and its routes into Texas. During the conflict, a convoy of gunmen entered Matamoros and spread into various parts of the city. Barrages of gunfire followed the ensuing chases.

Breitbart Texas reported that the increases spikes of violence occurred in the area known as the Indian’s Curve, where gunfire was swapped between rival groups. During the incident, some cartel gunmen attempted to ambush a convoy of law enforcement vehicles by opening fire from on top of an overpass. One officer was wounded.

After the officers fought off the attack, the gunmen fled and set off a chase that spread through various parts of the city. At the scene of the incident, the gunmen abandoned a bullet-riddled SUV.

According to El Manana, the intense firefights lasted for roughly 30 minutes and then continued as sporadic bouts through various sectors with the most intense fighting occurring near Televisa Matamoros.

During the pursuits, multiple vehicles including police and bystanders’ were damaged. Various homes were also heavily damaged by stray shots.

Despite the violence that took place throughout the city, local authorities have kept quiet about what took place.

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