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North Carolina drug bust may be connected to cartel: Authorities

December 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
North Carolina drug bust may be connected to cartel: Authorities

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North Carolina Authorities: Iredell County drug bust may be connected to Mexican cartel

Authorities in North Carolina said suspects involved in one of the largest drug busts in Iredell County could be connected to a dangerous drug cartel.

The case has now been turned over to federal authorities and the four suspects have since made their initial appearance before a federal judge on last Friday.

Last month, detectives showed WSOC-TV the 30 pounds of meth and $130,000 deputies seized on the interstate. Deputies were carrying out training and grew suspicious when they noticed vehicles meeting at a gas station before leaving in different directions.

Deputies announced that they discovered John Gray with a backpack filled with money. Court records indicate that during the stop, Gray pointed to a Nissan and said to police something along the lines of: “Stop the Mexican driving,” and, “They’re going to kill my family!”

(Rofelle Nash, Paul Glover III, Christian Hernandez, John Gray)

Officers arrested Christian Delgado-Hernandez during the drug bust. They also said they pulled over Rofelle Nash busted him with 30 pounds of meth and stopped Paul Glover in another car.

According to the sheriff, the amount and purity of the drugs, along with the family threats, point to the operation of an international drug cartel.

“When you’re dealing with weights that big, it involves a cartel helping get those kinds of drugs into the U.S.,” criminal defense lawyer Rob Heroy said.

Heroy added that with the suspects and drugs no longer on the streets, the cartel took a hit.

“It’s sizeable, and whoever financed it is going to be upset, but it’s not going to stop the wheels,” Heroy noted.

All four suspects are facing life behind bars if found guilty.

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