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Woman’s text messages leads to DEA investigation into rapper Lil Peep deadly fentanyl overdose

December 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Woman’s text messages leads to DEA investigation into rapper Lil Peep deadly fentanyl overdose Lil Peep seen hear with Mariah

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The Drug Enforcement Administration has initiated a probe looking into the death of rapper Lil Peep in hopes of tracking down the person who gave him fentanyl before he fatally overdosed on the drug.

The 21-year-old, whose name was Gustav Åhr, died in November on his tour bus in Tucson, Arizona due to “combined toxic effects of fentanyl and alprazolam” – the latter is a generic version of Xanax, a medication that is prescribed for anxiety.

Authorities are investigating a series of texts and messages on Twitter sent Mariah Bons, who saw Lil Peep before he overdosed, TMZ reports.

In one text, she told members of a group Twitter chat: “Gbc [Lil Peep] high af because of me and my friend lol.”

In another message, she said the rapper was “passed the f*** out” and “wouldn’t wake up” when she tried to get him on the phone with her brother.

Bons left the group chat shortly after she sent the message, and Lil Peep was discovered dead from an overdose just a few hours later.

At the time of his death, Lil Peep also had drugs including cocaine and marijuana – and prescriptions including Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, and Tramadol – in his system, according to TMZ.

He did not test have alcohol in his system.

The mixture of Fentanyl and Xanax was particularly lethal, as experts say combining the two can lead to severe respiratory damage, with outcomes including a coma or death.

Lil Peep’s fatal overdose has prompted the Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate the case

The rap artist’s brother 23-year-old Karl ‘Oskar’ Åher told People that he was shocked by his sibling’s death, adding that Lil Peep “was not struggling” when he died.

“It was an accident, it was… He was happy with where he was in life,” Oskar noted.

In January, Lil Peep – who was rumored to be dating actress Bella Thorne for a time – opened up to the outlet Pitchfork about his battle with depression.

“I suffer from depression and some days I’m like, ‘F***, I wish I didn’t wake up,”’ he said. “I don’t express that side of myself on social media. That’s the side that I express through music. That’s my channel for letting that s*** out.”

Oskar said that the Awful Things performer took a pill that could have been laced with a deadly substance, leading to his premature death.

“We have heard there was some substance he did not expect to be involved in the substance he was taking,” Oskar continued. “He thought he could take what he did, but he had been given something and didn’t realize what it was.”

Lil Peep developed his career based on mixtapes released on SoundCloud.

Millions of listeners led to the August release of his first full album, “Come Over When You’re Sober, Part 1.”

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