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Teenage contract killer indicted on murder charges boasted of his violence on Facebook

December 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Teenage contract killer indicted on murder charges boasted of his violence on Facebook

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A purported teenage contract killer has been accused of the 2014 fatal shooting of a man near a park when he was only 16-years-old in an “attempt to get rich.”

Andrew Lavender, who is now 19,-years-old is on trial for aggravated murder after he shot 36-year-old Ceran Lipscomb to death in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to Cincinnati.com.

Lipscomb was rushed to a medical center after the incident but succumbed to his injuries two days later.

Prosecutors claim that less than two months before Lipscomb’s murder, Lavender wrote in a text, ‘I’m fittin to get a body on me.’

A girl also messaged him asking why people refer to him as “shooter.”

Andrew Lavender was 16-year-old when he allegedly killed 36-year-old Ceran Lipscomb (pictured above)

In court, prosecutors showed several pictures of Lavender from Facebook with him wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt, pointing a gun directly at the camera.

Another picture shows him boasting his money as he fans out a giant pile of $20 bills.

Lavender was taken into custody in August 2014, and because he was a minor at the time, he was charged in juvenile court.

However, in 2014 due to the gravity of the offense, he was required to stand trial as an adult and the case was assigned to Common Pleas Court.

The Supreme Court in Ohio deliberated as to whether or not a juvenile or adult court would be more appropriate for Lavender.

In court Tuesday his lawyer, Rodney Harris, said authorities targeted the wrong person, arguing that officers overlooked a witness who “unequivocally said this is not the person who did this.”

Harris said the individual’s statement that Lavender wasn’t the killer “didn’t match their theory.”

Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor David Prem showed the jury a sketch of the alleged shooter, which was produced eleven days after the killing before anyone had mentioned Lavender’s name.

Two officers said the sketch was “dead on how he looks.”

Prem contended that Lavender’s motive was cash and added that the man had been described as a drug dealer, and a man testified that he overheard Lavender talking about “taking a hit on” someone.

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