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Mexican national serving federal prison sentence for illegal re-entry charged in 2007 cold-case murder of a married father-of-three

December 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican national serving federal prison sentence for illegal re-entry charged in 2007 cold-case murder of a married father-of-three

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An undocumented Mexican immigrant previously deported from the U.S. three times – and who is currently serving time for illegal re-entry – has been charged with the murder of a business owner in Texas ten years ago.

Juan Eduardo Meraz-Flores, 30, is accused of fatally shooting Jose ‘Martin’ Munoz at his auto store in Fort Worth back in 2007 during a dispute over a damaged tire rim.

Authorities in Fort Worth turned their attention to Meraz-Perez as a suspect in the decade-old unsolved case they received a tip last year, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

The 30-year-old illegal is currently serving a 30-month sentence in a federal prison for illegally crossing the border for the third time. He was scheduled to be deported again in February 2018.

Juan Meraz-Flores Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Courtesy

Police revealed that forensic comparisons between Meraz-Flores and physical evidence collected from the crime scene had produced a match, which led Tarrant County prosecutors to file a murder charge on November 27th.

By the time he had the conflict with Martin Munoz, Meraz-Flores had already been deported one time but succeeded in re-entering the U.S. sometime between 2005 and 2007.

In January 2007, Meraz-Flores drove to Munoz’s auto body shop in a pickup truck and asked him to change out two wheel rims.

However, when the work was complete and it was time to pay, Meraz-Flores said that one of the rims was damaged which resulted in an argument between him and Munoz.

Authorities now believe that Meraz-Flores pulled shot Munoz in the head after the man threatened to call the cops.

Munoz, who was also a Mexican immigrant from Mexico, left behind a wife and three kids.

Over the next ten years, police looking into the murder had little to go on beyond a few pieces of information, including the fact that the alleged shooter’s first name was ‘Juan.’

A significant break in the case occurred last year when they received a tip from a man who provided them with additional information about the gunman, which ultimately led them to the already incarcerated Meraz-Flores.

Meraz-Flores was charged in November with the killing of Jose ‘Martin’ Munoz (above) in Fort Worth, Texas

Despite his age, Meraz-Flores has a long criminal record spanning back to 2004, when he shot one man and threatened two others with a gun to prove himself worthy of being a part of a street gang.

In 2005, Meraz-Flores pleaded guilty to participating in organized crime and was sentenced to nine months in state prison, followed by deportation.

However, in 2008 – less than a year and a half after Munoz’s murder – the felon was re-arrested during a traffic stop in Fort Worth and was charged with federal illegal re-entry.

Meraz-Flores pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months behind bars. After he was released in 2009, the undocumented immigrant was again deported.

In 2011, Fort Worth authorities arrested Meraz-Flores, who was using the name Eduardo Flores, on charges of reckless driving, failure to identify and marijuana possession.

He again pleaded guilty and was again sentenced to 16-months, following by another deportation in 2014.

Only four months after Meraz-Flores was ejected from the U.S. for the third time, he was apprehended by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers for sneaking into the country.

This time, Meraz-Flores was hit with a 30-month prison sentence.

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