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Authorities discover the tortured remains of Costa Rica’s most wanted drug trafficker known as “El Gringo”

December 16, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities discover the tortured remains of Costa Rica’s most wanted drug trafficker known as “El Gringo”

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Authorities in Costa Rica say the tortured remains of a man found early Saturday morning likely belongs to Erwin Guido Toruño, also known as “El Gringo” the country’s most sought-after drug trafficker.

Local media outlets cited police and investigative sources who confirmed Saturday that the body of “El Gringo” was discovered in the La Uruca district of San Jose.

The 32-year-old Nicaraguan national is the reputed leader of a violent drug trafficking organization suspected in at least 12 murders.

The Costa Rican Security Ministry said the presumed body of “El Gringo,” was found face down in the Los Ledezma neighborhood, had shown signs of torture, suffered multiple stab wounds and was apparently thrown onto the street from a moving vehicle.

Officials said the victim’s distinct tattoos helped police identify Guido Toruño.

Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Agency said although forensics experts were conducting DNA tests for official verification, investigators were 95% certain the body belonged to Guido Toruño.

The latest developments occur days after authorities in the Central American country launched an intense manhunt to capture the drug trafficker following the discovery of two men, whose decapitated remains were found inside of a van in La Sabana, San Jose.

According to Telemetro, seven reputed members of Guido Toruño’s criminal organization were arrested at the scene.

Costa Rican officials had warned of the possibility that Guido Toruño may have been attempting to flee the country to either his native Nicaragua or Panama.

Law enforcement officials have attributed the recent homicides including the killing of “El Gringo” to a vendetta regarding an ongoing dispute over drug trafficking territories.

Anti-drug agents said Toruño is the one-time lieutenant of Luis Angel Martinez Fajardo, alias “El Pollo” a notorious drug gang leader who has remained incarcerated in Nicaragua since 2015.

Official sources said, “El Gringo” reportedly strengthened his own operation following the arrest of Fajardo, which resulted in a violent split between the two organized crime figures.

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