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Judge in Mexican border state continues to free drug cartel operatives

December 22, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Judge in Mexican border state continues to free drug cartel operatives

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A Mexican border state judge who has a history of freeing drug cartel hitmen is now releasing alleged drug traffickers.

Five separate cases exist where drug traffickers and street-level dealers with ties to organized crime have appeared before Coahuila State Judge Maritza Gonzalez Flores, only to have their cases dropped citing lack of evidence or clerical mistakes, according to Breitbart Texas.

In November, Gonzalez Flores was responsible for the repeated release of cartel gunmen linked to the Vieja Escuela or Old School Zetas faction of the Los Zetas cartel.

Additionally, court records indicate that Gonzalez Flores released at least five street-level dealers who were recently arrested in Piedras Negras.

A Mexican border state judge with a dubious record of releasing cartel hitmen is now dismissing cases against drug traffickers and street-level dealers

Police reportedly busted the defendants with three pounds of pot, 11.86 grams of meth, 9.86 grams of marijuana, 627.92 grams of marijuana and an unknown amount of other drugs.

Gonzalez ordered the cases dismissed against the defendants over lack of evidence, police brutality, or improperly drafted complaints.

The arguments appear to be similar to those utilized in the release of Zetas cartel hitmen.

The group has been blamed for an increase in violence in the city beginning in October.

The judge released a Zetas cartel hitman accused in the slayings of street level drug dealer due to lack of evidence

Local and state police arrested the cell as part of a probe into their effort to destabilize the area. Security forces apprehended the suspects after a short standoff.

Four drug cartel hitmen have been singled out as having participated in the slayings of two local drug dealers.

Despite the serious accusations, Gonzalez Flores rejected various motions filed by authorities trying to gather evidence and have access to witnesses.

Although authorities arrested two gunmen in connection with the murder, one of the suspects was dubiously released for “lack of evidence.”

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