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California high student admits to sex with teacher

December 23, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
California high student admits to sex with teacher

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A former student at a California high school told law enforcement officers that he would “no longer lie” to protect the English teacher who is now facing three felony charges for reportedly having a sexual relationship with a minor.

On Monday, Riverside County prosecutors filed charges against Beaumont High teacher Samantha Ciotta with one count of oral copulation with a minor and two counts of participating in sexual intercourse with the minor in June.

Authorities launched a probe after receiving reports of Ciotta having an affair with a student and a lewd Snapchat video that showed the 32-year old married mom of two wearing only “a shirt and panties” while drinking alcohol with two shirtless underaged males, Patch.com reported.

On September 20th, Ciotta was arrested, roughly six months after she had sex with the former student. The woman has been released free on bond.

California teacher Samantha Lee Ciotta is accused of drinking alcohol with two shirtless minors and having sex with an underage student after evidence was caught on a SnapChat video. (FACEBOOK)

When investigators first questioned the student about his relationship with Ciotta, the boy “became angry and said ‘I’m done, and I’ve moved on. I’m not f—— talking!'”

The purported victim told police that he “tried cover so she would not get in trouble.” However, his silence ended when he discovered that Ciotta — after she had sex with the boy’s friend — reportedly said that her former student “had ruined her life,” according to documents filed to obtain a search warrant.

“He decided to no longer lie for her,” the document indicated.

The boy told police he had “penis to vagina” sex with Ciotta at least on five occasions, and that the former Beaumont educator engaged in oral sex with him on multiple occasions. The victim told investigators he was not sure how many times Ciotta performed oral sex on him because he was “intoxicated most of the times,” court documents filed this week revealed.

After Ciotta was busted, police sources said detectives were trying to determine if Ciotta molested other underaged students.

Ciotta, who is on paid leave from the school district, is scheduled to appear in court December 27th.

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