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Body found hanging from highway overpass in Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez

December 30, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Body found hanging from highway overpass in Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez

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The body of a man was found hanging from a highway overpass early Friday in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, the Chihuahua state attorney general’s office said.

Authorities said the body of the victim was found hanging with rope from an overpass, which spans over the Pan-American Highway that connects to Santa Teresa Bridge, just outside Ciudad Juarez.

According to Proceso, the victim was discovered wearing only jeans, had traces of blood on his bareback and with a black shirt covering his head.

A blanket with a threatening narco-message written in red ink and signed with the name of “The Jaguar” was observed with the body.

The gruesome discovery caused a massive traffic jam as authorities were forced to close the highway so investigators could establish a crime scene and allow emergency responders to extract the body down from the bridge.

Chihuahua state officials have not released the identity of the victim.

The body of a man was discovered hanging from a highway overpass in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico early Friday morning

Such violent scenes are reminiscent of 2010, which was the height of the raging drug war when these types of acts perpetrated by drug cartels to intimidate rivals were commonplace in the city.

Located just across the border from El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juarez is considered the “crown jewel” for drug and human trafficking.

After experiencing several years of relative calm, violence has since returned to Juarez. The border city is once again ground zero for a brutal turf war between the Sinaloa Cartel and La Linea, the former armed wing of the Juarez Cartel allied with the upstart Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

In recent weeks, authorities discovered similar gruesome scenes in the Mexican states of Baja California Sur and Nayarit.

Six bodies were discovered hanging from several bridges last week in the resort cities of Los Cabos and La Paz.

Additionally, the bodies of three men were also hung from a highway overpass in Tepic. In both instances, threatening narco messages left on blankets were left at the scene.

According to official government data, Mexico registered its highest rate of homicide in 2017, making it the deadliest year on record.

Through the first 11 months of 2017, authorities opened 23,101 murder investigations, surpassing the previous record high of 22,855 registered in 2011.

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