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Local Chihuahua state police chief moonlighted as bodyguard for Juarez Cartel leader

December 31, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Local Chihuahua state police chief moonlighted as bodyguard for Juarez Cartel leader

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A police chief in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua, who was believed to be assisting a leader in the Juarez Cartel by providing protection, was taken into custody along with two police officers.

A news release issued from the state prosecutors office reports that the police chief of Namiquipa in the state of Chihuahua, along with two officers were taken into custody during an operation conducted by agents of the state attorney general’s office.

An investigation indicated that the three were protecting Arturo Quintana Quintana, “El 80”. Quintana is a leading figure in the Juarez Cartel.

Mexican authorities identified the law enforcement official as Héctor M., who served as Director of Public Security of Namiquipa, along with agents Trinidad V., and Patricio H, according to Tiempo.

At the time they were arrested, they were busted in possession of five rifles that are assigned for the exclusive use of the armed forces; three handguns; tactical gear; ammo; a significant amount of crystal amphetamine; and a car that was illegally in the country.

Namiquipa is roughly 125 miles west of the capital of Chihuahua and is in the path of what is considered an essential drug smuggling route into the U.S.

The director of Public Security of Namiquipa (left) and two other agents were arrested for moonlighting as part of a protection network of Juarez Cartel capo Arturo Quintana Quintana, alias “El 80”.

The area has been plagued by violence as the Sinaloa Cartel tries to dislodge Nuevo Cartel de Juárez (NCDJ) that controls western Chihuahua.

The violent disputes are occurring between members of La Linea–the armed wing of the Juarez Cartel–and La Gente Nueva—which is a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel.

“El 80” is a top priority target for authorities since his organization is responsible for much of the cartel violence. Quintana is also a wanted fugitive by the U.S. Department of Justice for drug trafficking and smuggling charges.

Quintana was originally believed to be responsible for the high profile slaying of journalist Miroslava Breach, but in October, the state attorney general’s office named members of La Gente Nueva within the Sinaloa Cartel as the responsible party.

The three suspects were placed at the disposal of the federal authorities, who will take lead the investigation with help from the state attorney general’s office.

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