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Uber could face criminal charges following fatal crash of self driving vehicle in Arizona
March 20th, 2018

New rules enacted earlier this month by Arizona governor Doug Ducey could result in criminal charges against Uber following Monday night’s fatal crash in Tempe, in which a self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian. Hundreds of automated driving vehicles have been introduced on Arizona roads after Ducey utilized the state’s light regulations to lure…

Tinder sues dating app Bumble for patent infringement

Match Group, the parent company of TInder has filed a lawsuit against competitor Bumble, alleging that the female-friendly dating app infringed patents and stole trade secrets. According to CNN, the lawsuit, which was filed in Texas on Friday, claims that Bumble is virtually identical to Tinder, the app that familiarized the swipe right to like,…

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes charged in ‘massive fraud’ scheme
March 16th, 2018

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Elizabeth Holmes — the Silicon Valley star whose blood-testing startup company Theranos has fallen in the midst of multiple scandals — with “massive fraud.” On Wednesday, the SEC accused Theranos CEO Holmes and a top executive of defrauding investors of over $700 million through false claims about its…

Feds: CEO of tech company provided custom BlackBerry encrypted phones to Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel
March 12th, 2018

For years, a myriad of shady tech companies has marketed so-called encrypted phones, which are customized BlackBerry or Android cell phones that sometimes have the camera and microphone removed and sends secure messages through private networks. Federal authorities in the U.S. say several of those companies reportedly serve at the behest of international criminal organizations….

Massive heist results in robbery of 600 computers used to mine bitcoin
March 4th, 2018

Approximately 600 computers used to “mine” bitcoin and other forms of virtual currencies have been taken from data centers in Iceland in what authorities call the largest series of thefts ever in the nation. Roughly 11 people were busted, including a security guard, in what the press in Iceland call the “Big Bitcoin Heist.” On…

California Police warn carjackers using a dating app to lure victims
March 3rd, 2018

Authorities in San Bernardino have revealed that carjackers are finding and luring their victims through a dating app. Investigators told the San Bernardino Sun that a man was carjacked Tuesday after he used the app to meet two women. Officials said he was talking to the two females when three armed men approached him before…

Instagram launches new selfie warning system to combat animal cruelty
February 24th, 2018

Instagram has launched a new warning system that pops up whenever a user uses a hashtag that could be associated with harmful animal cruelty. The system is being implemented following incidents such as the death of a baby dolphin at the hands of selfie-taking tourists on a beach in Argentina earlier this year. The social…

Hackers using porn as bait for online scams to steal money, private info
February 10th, 2018

Porn is being utilized by hackers as bait for schemes intended to steal money and private information from internet users. Cybersecurity specialists revealed that criminals are “using porn as a lure” to put viruses onto people’s computers or to deceive them into handing over money. Internet security expert Kaspersky has released a detailed report that…

Police arrest pedophile creator of child porn video that went viral on Facebook
February 9th, 2018

A man has been charged with the sexual abuse of three female minors in two states after a child porn video of one encounter went viral on social media. On Tuesday, 44-year-old Germaine Moore, surrendered to authorities in Alabama after his mug shot and identity were all over news sites and police bulletins as a…

Feds issue warning on child porn video being shared on Facebook
February 4th, 2018

The FBI and several police departments across the U.S. are urging users not to share a child porn video that’s been going viral on Facebook. Law enforcement officials said the footage shows a pornographic image of a young girl and an adult male. After the video began gaining attention on Facebook, law enforcement agencies throughout…