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Colorado cop killer live-streamed shooting of sheriff’s deputies

January 2, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Colorado cop killer live-streamed shooting of sheriff’s deputies

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Colorado gunman Matthew Riehl who gunned down a sheriff’s deputy and injured four others live-streamed his horrific attack online, which is the latest in a disturbing trend of killers posting their rampage violence.

Matthew Riehl, an Iraqi war veteran opened fire at deputies after he called 911 on Sunday south of Denver. Deputy Zackari Parrish was killed before the shooter was fatally shot in a confrontation with SWAT.

The footage on Periscope obtained by KUSA showed Riehl tell police “leave me alone” during the sound of 100 gunshots and a smoke alarm triggered by the violence.

Video before the incident itself showed the shooter dial 911, talk about scotch and having guns, and claim he wanted a restraining order against his “domestic partner.”

Criminals uploading footage of their crimes on social media has become a horrible trend as streaming has become more common, with a series of similar shares including Cleveland killer Steven Stephens last year.

Two civilians were also injured in the 37-year-old violent rampage, which officials referred to as an ambush against law enforcement.

Fellow officers, relatives, and friends mourned Parrish, a 29-year-old father of two children, on Monday at a vigil.

“I will raise my girls to love you,” his wife Gracie Parrish said to the crowd at Mission Hills Church in Littleton, Colorado.

Her 4-year-old daughter whispered in her ear and said: “it’s OK momma.”

A GoFundMe page had raised over $220,000 as of Tuesday morning.

Matthew Riehl was a former member of the Army Reserves who served in Iraq. The motive behind the attack is not clear.

His videos before the shooting focused on his partner, who he said he was kicking out, and included threats to murder him.

Riehl also posted complaints about law enforcement and Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock after he was pulled over for a traffic violation in November.

He also reportedly threatened violence towards a professor at his law school alma mater, University of Wyoming, leading the school to send an alert to students this November asking them to tell officers if they see him.

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