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Cartels have killed 111 mayors in Mexico since 2006

January 3, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartels have killed 111 mayors in Mexico since 2006

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Since 2006, there have been at least 111 mayors have been executed in Mexico, the most recent occurring last week in the strife-ridden southern state of Guerrero.

Armed cartel members fatally the mayor of Petatlan, Guerrero. The slain politician’s close aide was killed earlier in 2017, El Pais reported.

Gunmen executed Arturo Gomez Perez this week while he was having dinner at a restaurant, Casa Vieja.

Law enforement officials in Mexico said  on July 16th, his close aide Manuel Rebolledo Perez was abducted and murdered.

Arturo Gomez Perez became the latest mayor to fall victim to cartel violence

At the time, the gunmen dumped his remains and left a note near the airport in Zihuatanejo.

Law enforcement sources indicated that Gomez Perez was eating when the gunmen came in and killed him in front of his family. The shooters escaped with complete impunity.

Additionally, a city official from California was on vacation in the tourist beach resort area of Ixtapa Zihuatanejo in Guerrero when he was murdered.

Guerrero has shifted into a war zone as rival cartels fight to gain control of the region.

Mexico’s National Mayors Association reported that 111 mayors have been executed since 2006. The group recorded 23 current mayors, 34 former mayors, and five mayor-elects who were murdered during President Enrique Peña Nieto term.

The group is pushing for better security conditions for their peers.

“With the death of Mayor Arturo Gómez Pérez of the Municipality of # Petatlán # Guerrero , there are 23 Mayors in functions killed with violence in the sexenium of @ EPN, we insist again @ SEGOB_mx is an urgent security protocol for Mayors,” the group posted on Twitter

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