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Former head of Baltimore Police taskforce will plead guilty in corruption case

January 5, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Former head of Baltimore Police taskforce will plead guilty in corruption case

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The former head of a Baltimore Police specialized taskforce unit is set to enter a guilty plea in the biggest corruption scandal ever to hit the police department.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Steve Levin, the attorney for former Sgt. Wayne Jenkins confirmed his client will plead guilty to the racketeering conspiracy on Friday, in Baltimore Federal Court.

Jenkins was scheduled to stand trial on Jan. 22nd.

He was one of a group of detectives working a gun-trace task force, who were charged in a sweeping federal indictment with robbing drug dealers along with innocent civilians the corrupt cops had falsely accused.

Additionally, the indictment states the task force unit forged court documents — or never filed paperwork at all to conceal their crimes and also earned in tens of thousands of dollars in unearned overtime pay from the city.

Jenkins was later charged with planting narcotics on a suspect who had fled officers and later crashed.

Levin refused to disclose what counts Jenkins is pleading guilty to and whether his client is cooperating with investigators.

The guilty plea makes Jenkins the sixth Baltimore Police officer to plead guilty in the corruption case.

It’s not immediately clear how much prison time Jenkins faces as a result of his guilty plea.

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