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Infamous cartel boss quietly released from Mexican prison

January 5, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Infamous cartel boss quietly released from Mexican prison

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The recent release of a top organized crime figure in the Mexican state in Nuevo Leon has revealed flaws within the country’s justice system, given his ability to sustain power despite convictions that should have landed him behind bars.

In his most recent run-in with authorities, officials in Nuevo Leon decided to release him from custody.

Known primarily by his nickname ‘El Sonrics,’ Miguel Abrego, 42, Nava started his criminal career as one of the principal operators for Los Zetas in Nuevo León but ultimately joined the ranks of the Beltran Leyva Cartel. His power and influence persist despite his previous run-ins with law enforcement.

In May, Abrego was shot multiple times in a targeted in an attack after gunmen ambushed him while traveling through Monterrey. The failed assassination attempt proved that Abrego was released from a federal facility in Nayarit–where he was supposedly serving a sentence since 2011.

“El Sonrics” should have been behind bars for multiple crimes tied to the ongoing cartel violence.

However, two months after the assassination attempt, Abrego was silently released from the hospital after recovering from the gunshot wounds he suffered to the hip, abdomen, and arm.

Abrego was shot multiple times during an ambush by rival cartel gunmen back in May

Breitbart Texas reported that state officials did not bother to detain or charge Abrego after the incident because he was considered a “victim.”

It is not clear how the self-proclaimed “businessman” managed to avoid scrutiny despite being the target of multiple investigations for homicide, drug trafficking, and impersonating a police officer.

According to an intelligence report, “El Sonrics” now has ties to the Beltran Leyva Cartel, a criminal group that maintains control of drug trafficking and illicit businesses in San Pedro.

A criminal complaint from a 1998 case indicated that Abrego was found guilty and sentenced in Monterrey for the murder of a man in the parking lot of a famed restaurant, El Rey Del Cabrito.

The complaint revealed that the cartel operator shot and killed Armando Marquez Hernandez over a 50-kilo cocaine debt.

As a result, Abrego was sentenced to 30-years behind bars on the conviction. It is not clear what the terms were for his early release.

Ten years after his first collar, the Mexican Army initiated a massive operation in the Chipinque area of a San Pedro suburb, where they arrested Abrego and 12 of his associates. Officials seized multiple fake uniforms from the country’s Federal Investigation Agency, assault rifles, magazines, ammunition, and drugs.

It is not apparent how El Sonrics managed to obtain his release on bond and return to work. He was not arrested in connection with the raid until 2011 when he was charged with drug trafficking, crimes against public safety, and impersonating a police officer.

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