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Houston man has throat slashed protecting pregnant wife from kidnappers

January 7, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Houston man has throat slashed protecting pregnant wife from kidnappers

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Houston resident Othon Maldonado has throat slashed protecting wife from would-be kidnappers

A Houston man was stabbed in the face and throat and was left to die after he attempted to prevent two thugs from kidnapping his pregnant wife.

Othon Maldonado had just pulled into a Whataburger and gotten out of his vehicle with his wife, Sandra Martinez, when the suspects approached them with knives and demanded his wallet and phone.

Maldonado reportedly kept calm and gave the men his belongings, but that clearly wasn’t enough.

The two men — both described by officers as Hispanic, between 30- and 35-years-old — also wanted to abduct his wife, KSAT reported.

When they told Martinez to get into their car, her heroic husband stepped in and told them they weren’t leaving with her.

Maldonado provided police with a sketch of one of the suspects, who is said to be between 30 and 35-years-old, between 5ft 10in, weighing 250 pounds with a ‘Houston’ tattoo written on his arm

One of the two suspects, who was identified Thursday in a composite drawing, ended up slashing Othon Maldonado in his throat, head, and hands before escaping the scene.

With her husband laid in a pool of blood, Martinez managed to load him into their vehicle and raced him to a local hospital.

She told KPRC that she just recently discovered she was pregnant. Maldonado was treated for his injuries and is expected to recover fully.

Authorities said he’s extremely lucky to be alive.

“[His attacker] cut him up bad — which tells me it wouldn’t have bothered this guy one bit if he had killed him,” HPD Robbery Detective Jeff Brieden said. “On a threat scale of one to ten, this guy is a ten. He’s about as dangerous as they get.”

Investigators were still looking for Maldonado’s attackers on Friday. A $5,000 reward has been offered for their apprehension.

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